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Class of 1989'ers, we are looking for you!
Where have you been the last few decades?
Have you gotten married? Divorced? Cured a disease?
We want to hear from you!
Please note: If you recently tried to send your info and the email came back as undeliverable,
please try again. The email was not being forwarded to the correct address, and the problem
has been resolved. THANKS A LOT ! ! !

If you are a member of our Class,
please send us the following info via email:
lYour Name & Marital Status(include maiden & married names)
lYour spouse's name and how you met.
lChildren's names and their birthdates
lCity and State where you currently reside
lPhone number if it's OK to be posted
(or complete address if you wish)
lInteresting things you have done after high school-
professionally, personally, spiritually,
whatever you want to tell us.
lE-mail address and/or website URL
lIf it is OK for our classmates to contact you
(your address will not be posted without your OK)

lView current name, address, e-mail/website list,
and brief biographies
lMHS Teachers: where are they now
lLink to the "OFFICIAL" Monrovia High School Website
lLink to the MHS Band Website

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